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Parish Ministries

Benedict Listing of Committees,

Ministries, and Organizations


Parish Pastoral Council

Mission:  To assist with the pastoral planning and to exercise a ministry of  leadership in the parish.  Each spring three members are elected to a three-year  term by the parishioners. Meets fourth Tuesday of the month, 7:00 pm in the Parish Center.


Vice Chair:



Ex-Officio:  Fr. Martin Day


Faith Formation Commission

Mission:  The Faith Formation Commission of St. Benedict Parish will support opportunities for the religious education and faith development of all parishioners of St. Benedict Parish, fostering life-long spiritual growth in the Catholic faith.  Meets third Monday of the month, 7:00 pm in Hellmann Hall.

Chair:  Trudy Butiwn

Secretary:  Tina Elliott


Members:                             Jerry Burns, Liasion to Parish Council 

Tony Butwin                        Augusta McMonigal      

 Jane Grimes                        Mary Canarecci

Tina Elliott                            Victoria Herrmann

Susan Rohan                       Rita Senseman

Liz Gawlik                             Linda Gorrell

Kathy Sternal                      Mary Caye Pfister

Gaylon Smith



RCIA  Sponsors:

Scott Greenwell    Adam Crane

Trudy Butwin                        


Confirmation Team:

Tina Elliott, Kathy Bannon, Mary Ervin, Emilee Rourk,

Brian & Laura Lakstins, Tony Butwin, Jenny Goodwin


Religious Ed Team:

Molly Wheeler, David Schneider, Linnea Miller, Katherine McLean,

Katie Hackett, Kim Artz, Bill Grimes


Adult Formation:

Brion Blanc, Tony Butwin, Trudy Butwin, Sue Butwin, Pat Currie,

Tina Elliott, Jane Grimes, Vickie Herrmann, Susan Rohan,

Kathy Sternal



Mission:  To assist and advise the pastor in the fiscal matters of the parish.  Meets fourth Monday of the month, 5:00 pm, Parish Office


Chair: Terry Hogan



Bill Aubin                                        Mary Caye Pfister

Tom Dinkel                                     Bill Grimes

 Jeff Smith 

Dan Weber                                     Mark Elliott

Fr. Martin Day                                Terran Williams-Business Manager


Parish Life

Mission:  To be an umbrella organization for a variety of  social and spiritual functions in the parish, some of which include taking communion to shut-ins and to the hospitals, and other parish social activities. It meets on the second Thursday of the month, 10:00 am, in the Parish Office                 



Tracy Blanc                                  Pam Grimes

Pat Boatman                                Ruth Schroeder

Carol Brames                                Sylvia Jurgonski  

Sharon Claretto                            Sally Kintz

Catherine Conrady                       Jane Patterson

Becky Evans                                Betty Raetz, liaison

Marianne Fagg                              Dee Walters

Beth Greenwell                              


Altar Society

Mission:  To provide and care for the altars, bread and wine, candles and vestments and to give support to Franciscan and local charities. This women’s group meets on the second Thursday of the month 12:30 pm, with a dessert at the Parish Center.

Pat Boatman, Chair

Beth Greenwell, Vice-Chair

Victoria Herrmann, Secretary

Frances Bailey, Treasurer



Mission:  To oversee the immediate and long-term maintenance of parish properties.  It meets on the second Tuesday of the month, 5:30 pm, in the Parish Office.

Chair:  Gary Williams


Fr. Martin Day                             Steve Osborn

Mike Bedwell                                Bill Smiddy

Tyler Dinkel                                 Seth Porter

Franc Mascari                              Nick Williams

Bob Murray                                 Chris Lazzell



Mission:.. To organize parishioners gifts of  time, talent, and treasure and shape the direction of all parish resources to meet present and future needs.  Meets third Tuesday of the month, 5:15 pm, in the  Parish Office.



Fr. Martin Day

Cathy Allen,  Liz Tyler, Helen Ruhl, Max Douglas, Kim LaGrange





Mission:  To serve the parish through the ministry of liturgy by working with the Pastoral staff, Liturgy Coordinator, and Director of Music in planning, implementing, and evaluating liturgical activities for the parish.  The work of the committee includes recruiting and training liturgical ministers, preparing liturgical environment, encouraging and educating the assembly, and coordinating all efforts toward building a community of faith and prayer.  Meetings are held on the second Monday of the month, 7:00 pm, in Hellmann Hall. 

Coordinator:  Kathy Sternal


Music Ministry, Andi Thompson 812-235-5205


Extraordinary Ministers, Jane Patterson 812-841-8875


Altar Servers, Susie Hall 812-878-1497


Greeters, Frances Bailey 812-229-5552 (C) 812-232-1539 (H)


Lectors/Commentators, Liz Tuttle 812-201-4192


Sacristans, Pat Boatman 765-832-9115


Gift Bearers, Marilyn Osborn 812-299-9423


Environment, Peg Grimes 812-466-9749


At Large, Margie Zellers 812-877-3184


Community Festival

Mission: To involve the St. Benedict Parish community in planning and implementing a traditional summer street festival designed to celebrate our parish and the greater Terre Haute community.  This committee meets as needed on the first Monday of the month, 7:00 pm, in Hellmann Hall.


Chairs:  Brian Kiefer & Dan Weber




Mission: To enhance liturgical celebrations through the ministry of musical leadership.  Regular practices, 5:00 pm Tuesday and 9:45 am Sunday

Contact persons:  Wade Winston

                                Kurt Perry


Communion Ministry at the Hospitals/Nursing Homes/Homebound

Mission: To provide Catholic patients with opportunities for the  reception of Communion.


Contact person:  Dee Walters

Joan Chervenko                            Jane Patterson

Joan Elliott                                     Jim Priester

Tina Elliott                                      Mary Beth Prox

Carla Gauer                                    Betty Raetz

Peggy Grimes                                 Joy Sacopulous

Scott Greenwell                              Star & Bill Smiddy

Janice Layman                               Andi Thompson

Suzanne Murray                            

Tim Prickell


Funeral Committee

Mission:  To provide a luncheon for family and friends following a parish funeral.


Contact person:  Betty Raetz & Dee Walters





Soup Kitchen

Mission:  To provide lunches each weekday to the hungry in the Wabash Valley.  Serving site is in the Parish Center.  Volunteers are encouraged. Contact person:  Judy Hogan


Thanksgiving and Christmas Food Baskets

Mission:  To provide a traditional Thanksgiving and/or Christmas feast for parish families.  The Youth Group coordinates these projects.                                                                      


Christmas Gifts for Children

Mission: To provide gifts for needy children.  Gifts collected at the Christmas Eve Family Liturgy are distributed at Ryves Hall through Catholic Charities.

Contact person:  David Grimes 


Parish Related Organizations:

Catholic Charities:  John Etling  812-232-1447

Calvary Cemetery Assn:  812-232-8404

Deanery Center:  Louise Menghini 812- 232-8400

Knights of Columbus:David Gorrell 812-234-8050





Childhood Catechesis

To provide children, preschool through eighth grade, with religious instruction that assists parents as the primary religious educators of their children.  Classes meet Sunday mornings at 9:30-10:45am during the school year.

Contact person ...............................................Rita Senseman - 232-8421


Youth Ministry

To respond to the needs of high school youth by fostering personal and spiritual growth and by encouraging participation in the life and mission of the Church.  Classes meet on Sunday evenings at 5:00-6:45pm during the school year.

Contact person .................................Augusta McMonigal: Terre Haute Deanery Youth Group


Adult Catechesis

To assist in the ongoing faith formation of adults Faith Sharing sessions, Bible study groups and guest speakers.  See announcements in the bulletin.

Contact person ....................................................Rita Senseman - 232-8421


RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

To welcome and journey with individuals and families interested in Baptism and/or full membership in the Catholic Church.  Meets Wednesday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm during the school year.

Contact person ....................................................Rita Senseman - 232-8421


Precatechumenate Catechists: Trudy Butwin, Mary Canarecci

Catechumenate Catechists: Gaylon Smith, David Gorrell

Dismissal Catechists: Tony Butwin, Linda Gorrell, Susie Hall, Lisa Borgnini

Sponsor Coordinator: Tina Elliott

Hospitality Coordinator: Mike Sternal